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The black haired old man on the right held the Fire Orb in his hand, glanced at the people in the valley, and said.

Therefore, he must be careful.If it is a disciple in the Xuanmen who breaks through the realm, there must be an elder guarding him.

I do not know what monster it is in this ancient and silent land.Suddenly, the skeleton attacked and killed again, Xiao Chen Ling Xian took a step, jumped more than ten meters away, and his hands Best over the counter diet pills for fast weight loss how to burn fat workout at home quickly became imprinted Qiankun Qi is clear, Zhu Xie broken At the moment when the curse fell, a golden light mysterious seal suddenly appeared on his hands, and he hit the skeleton, only to hear a chi , the skeleton seemed to be very afraid of this Taoist how to burn fat workout at home how to burn fat workout at home Dr oz lose belly fat fast seal and was hit After that, he kept dodging back, and finally made two strange noises, unwilling to leave.

this, what are these Seeing the countless terrifying creatures that suddenly appeared around, Ruo Shui was so frightened that Hua Rong turned pale, Xiao Chen hugged her tightly and went upstream do not be afraid.

and sucked the boulder at the entrance of the cave in.With the opening of the cave, the scene in front of how to burn fat workout at home the eyes suddenly became clear, and I saw a bright moon hanging high in the sky for a long time, shedding silver lights, reflecting the slowly flowing river water below the mountain, sparkling, clear and flawless.

Xiao Chen returned to the inn. On the second day, before dawn, he went to the Drunkard Pavilion.All the way, he saw that the stars and the moon were gradually sinking, and the breeze was blowing slightly.

I thought to myself, it seems that after coming to this strange place, this kid is .

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skill has become much deeper, and he can catch nearly five successes of his palm.

Xianshu came to Hua Weiyang is side, and Hua Weiyang, obviously she was still thinking about who took You Chang and You Qin.

Xiao Chen slowly came back to his senses and looked at her What is the matter Say it.

Even the emperor who did everything to get this sword ended up slaughtering himself with this sword.

No wonder so many people can not stand the way of breaking the immortals even when they die.

After the old man in Tsing Yi got the Flowing Fire Orb, a faint aura of Flowing Fire appeared around his body.

There is no doubt that she has used Tianxuan is three thousand weak water exercises to the extreme.

Even those who were far away felt pain in their faces, like being scratched by a knife.

Xiao Chen calmed down, how to burn fat workout at home stood up slowly, how much weight loss in a month keto walked to the edge of the desk, and stretched out his hand to pick up the scroll above.

Not long ago, this person also absorbed Xuanjizi is last blood and soul, and his skill has been greatly enhanced.

At this moment, in his eyes, there was an indescribable loneliness and vicissitudes.

With a bang , this sword energy not only easily dissipated the palms of the two, but also directly slashed them out.

Just when everyone was silent, there was a sudden violent shock from Jianzhong.

These people were how to burn fat workout at home not from the Taishi Dao sect.I do not know which sects in Xianyuan Five Regions, or some wandering around.

I forgot, you are also from Tianmen.Xiao Chen smiled coldly, and with a rush of sword energy, several sword beams slashed towards Qianyu Nishang together, and there how to burn fat workout at home was a sudden gust of wind in the air.

This is the magic weapon ice jade lotus handed down by the patriarch of Mengxianzong.

This kind of feeling is like being stared at without fear. Xiao Chen is very disgusted.As soon as his consciousness comes out, he coldly said If you do not get out, you will be destroyed At this moment, the divine sense evacuated, and at this time, on a cliff fifty miles outside the city, an old man in purple clasped his chest and stepped back, his face suddenly turned extremely pale, as if his soul had suffered Same as trauma.

As the dust rolled, the Rakshasa Mistress was covered in blood and greeted the palm in the air, but just as she flew into the air, a muffled groan came from her throat without warning.

How can he withstand this bone shattering cold After a while, if he still can not conquer the eye of Hantan, he will surely die At this moment, Xiao Chen had already used the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Mysterious Art to the limit.

At this moment, in a hall in Zangfeng Valley, I saw a middle aged man sitting on the head of how to burn fat workout at home the hall.

Hua Weiyang suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled him, and the two quickly hid behind a large stone, only to see that under the night, a dozen figures suddenly came how to lose weight at home diet chart to this side.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly after hearing how to burn fat workout at home this.The first two things were justified, but what kind of name was Lin Yuan who was envious of fish in the back, and how to burn fat workout at home the water was clear without fish The old beggar looked at him and smiled Hey, anyway, the whole Qingzhou city is so how to burn fat workout at home big, you can find each restaurant slowly, old man, I will wait for you in the bamboo forest twenty .

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miles west of the city, only three days, three days are over.

Those sword beams were not easy, how could ordinary people bear it Qianyu Nishang was calm and composed, her hands kept forming seals, a beam of light descended, and three lotus flowers appeared around her body in an instant.

At this time, the old ancestor of Motian stood up.At the end of his words, he glanced at Xiao Chen, thinking in his heart, the matter of Xuanqing in those days, this child is demon how fasting can help you lose weight heart has been quietly planted, and now that the heart is so deep, it will be a matter of time to get into the devil.

He came to a stream, and suddenly two figures appeared out of nowhere. Attacked him in an instant.How sharp is his consciousness now, no matter how to burn fat workout at home how fast the two figures attacked, he also reacted how to burn fat workout at home in an instant, kicked his feet and jumped back, avoiding the attacks of the two figures.

In this way, more than half a month has passed.In the past half month, in addition to visiting Hua Weiyang every day, Xiao Chen spent the rest of the time meditating in the bamboo forest, while cultivating, while waiting for Yue Manfeng to take Snow Lotus.

But after walking several streets, the old beggar was nowhere to be seen.Xiao Chen looked around, thinking that it had only been a short how to burn fat workout at home while, where did the old beggar go About the time of the incense stick, how to lose weight under bust Xiao Chen came to a lake.

Meng Xian er frowned and said, paused for a while, and then continued I can not find a map of Wuwanghai outside, it should only be found by some major forces, Emperor City, Ecstasy Palace, Bone Erosion Hall, Blood Rain Tower , these four are Shen Cangming is forces, and there must be a map of the sea of supernova reviews weight loss immortality.

Meng Xian er said lightly, Yuhuaxuanji came back to her senses, and immediately cupped her hands This subordinate is here.

He did not even look at the five people before turning around and dreaming. Xian er went outside.At this moment, a cold murderous aura keto diet how much weight can i lose flashed how to burn fat workout at home in the eyes of the five men in black, but one of the rules of the black market is that fighting is not allowed in the black market.

It was not until the middle how to burn fat workout at home of the night that the backlash of the sword energy in Lianhua is body was suppressed, and she gradually fell into a deep sleep, but at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly let out a groan, and his face turned pale.

After that time, I kept pretending that I did not know anything, otherwise he would have killed me long ago.

Among the people who came today, so many seniors and seniors dare not rush into it.

The night was quietly shrouded, and when it was late at night, I how to burn fat workout at home saw a layer of mist suddenly formed on the vast mountains, and it was impossible to see anything more than ten meters away.

The Rakshasa heroine hummed and said Have you finally figured it out how to burn fat workout at home The Lu family wants to control all the forces in the Five can baking soda help with weight loss Realms of Immortal Yuan, especially those unknown forces in Tianmen, https://www.healthline.com/health/ketosis-vs-ketoacidosis and some of these forces may be related to several demon sects.

After unfolding Ling Xian is footsteps, he finally escaped from the Valley of Ecstasy, and then hurried forward for more than three hundred miles before stopping.

Li Xiao Yichen, go to hell Yin Chunqiu originally slapped the palms of his forehead, but .

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suddenly attacked korean green tea for weight loss Dr oz drink to lose belly fat Xiao Chen.

The elders of those sects, without exception, were all assassinated by him. There were about twenty or thirty people with high cultivation bases.Blood needles, those with a lower cultivation base, can seal their throats with a sword, and no one can escape.

Just when he had not finished speaking, there was a sudden shock in the valley outside, and the disciples outside the hall all looked in the direction of the shock, and inside the hall, Liu Xuanyin is expression condensed slightly That shock just now.

There are seven spiritual veins in the world, namely Hantan, Yanri, how to burn fat workout at home Longyuan, Jushao, Tianzhao, Youquan, and Chitian.

The two of them knew clearly in their hearts that the laughing at the sky in those days could no longer be covered up.

It can not be interrupted now.Seeing that it only stopped for a while, Hua Weiyang is breath gradually weakened again, Shen Jing immediately picked up the silver needle, and Xiao Chen condensed the real essence and strengthened the ban outside.

At this moment, just like in the past, Qian Yu Nishang stabbed with a sword, and the sword was amazing.

What would happen next, Xiao Chen had already understood, kicked his feet and tried to fly away from the sea.

The elder Moyi was shocked, and suddenly gathered his whole body of true energy, and pushed his palms up to block the downward slash of the sword.

Lu still can not see it Now that he is enchanted, he can no longer cultivate with him, so please step aside Obviously, the six people have already moved the real murderous intentions at this moment.

The man stood with his hands behind his back, his white how to burn fat workout at home hair fluttering in the wind, and his lonely back did not move a little.

The two of them clearly understood that it had only been ten years, and Xiao Yichen had such a terrifying cultivation level.

Looking how to burn fat workout at home at the ship again, he clearly recognized that it was not the one he sold in the first place.

Undecided, the black shadow came back in an instant, Xiao Chen hurriedly urged Xuan Gong, and Ling Xian stepped under his feet, barely avoiding the attack of the black shadow.

Xiao Chen did not say much, and immediately went with her in the same direction as when how to lose weight taking a shower he came.

When Tang Yu of Qinghongmen brought people to attack Lianhua Palace, Lianhua Palace was alone and helpless, and the Thirty Six Best over the counter diet pills Sects also made a lot of how to remove under belly fat how to burn fat workout at home efforts to resist the various factions how to burn fat workout at home of Xuanmen.

Seeing such a shocking vision of heaven and earth, the faces of the four disciples of the Demon Sect outside how to burn fat workout at home were filled with horror at korean green tea for weight loss this moment.

This fire is an extraordinary fire. All lost.The three of them did not dare to underestimate them, and they had to respond how to burn fat workout at home in a hurry.

For the issue of seniority, please refer to the book for details. Similar issues avoid rice for weight loss will not be repeated hereafter.Hua Weiyang looked at him, and after a while, Xiao Chen gradually recovered, and at this time, the discussions how to burn fat workout at home between various factions became louder and louder, and the spearheads were vaguely pointed at him.

At this time, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, Shenquezi must be afraid of the remnants of the gods and demons just now, so he did not dare to come down.

Every how to burn fat workout at home night, under the hood, the twenty four people become the most terrifying shadows in the world.

Why, why even bring it up I have clearly forgotten, why should I remember .

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it again You have clearly accepted others as apprentices, why do you still remember me, why, why In just a short while, Xiao Chen was already in a state of confusion and his breath was in disarray, causing the ring of spiritual veins to tremble violently, how to burn fat workout at home and the bone piercing cold of Hantan is eyes covered layer by layer.

This son has a deep rooted demon heart today, and he will definitely enter the demon in the future, and Xiaotian may have handed him the fragment of the Book of Heaven.

Suddenly, a disciple rushed to how to burn fat workout at home the how to stay determined to lose weight hall with a panicked face, causing the candles on both sides to shake violently.

At this time, Bai Luan and Ziyuan finally figured out that if there is a big change in the various factions of the devil is way at this time, it will definitely affect Wuyutian, which is definitely not a good thing.

They supported each other.The cold wind kept blowing, raising the hair of the how to burn fat workout at home two, making the backs of Natural pills that help you lose weight korean green tea for weight loss the two look a bit sad at this moment.

The destructive power of the fourteen forbidden formations.With such a terrifying force, even the Divine Tower was shaken and flew backwards.

But she weight loss patch reviews does not want to see that Fengmanlou, which she has built layer by layer over the years, is in Dingfeng City.

Xuanji Yuhuan had already followed Meng Xian er is orders a few days ago, but how to burn fat workout at home for some reason, This person still found it here.

At this moment, Xiao Chen closed his eyes, but he could clearly how to burn fat workout at home touch the wound on her back.

It seemed that blood rained in the sky, and how to burn fat workout at home everyone in the city was stunned.

The two of them went deeper into the strange land, only to see the misty fog, and they could not tell the difference between east, west, north and south at all, and they fell into a dead silence for hundreds of miles, and no birds or beasts were seen.

The two continued to dive to the bottom of the pool.The further down they went, how to burn fat workout at home the more spacious the surroundings became, and the colder the water became.

Hard to wake up. This sentence seems to be the best news Xiao Chen has heard in these days.He asked, Will she wake up as long as the cold air in her body is removed Shen Jing saw what he wanted to do, and frowned It is not as simple as you think, I know you have a pure yang energy in your body, but her situation is complicated, so she hastily attacked this with your pure yang energy.

After he finished speaking, Jiuyin and Jiuyang is profound arts were extremely fortunate, and in an instant, the demonic energy was soaring to the sky, and he slapped the azure robed man with a palm.

The voice fell, and when he raised cumin coriander and fennel tea for weight loss his palm, the black cloud covering the sky suddenly fell a large piece of purple thunder, and Boom Rumble hit the ban.

He did not know where he was at this time, but it gave him a very depressed feeling, and he did not want to continue to entangle with this goddess.

Play a how to burn fat workout at home song Linjiang Xian.That person is none other than Ling Yin, Venerable Yaoguang, who is known as Fairy Miaoyin.

The two people in front saw that the black clothed envoy was chasing and killing them, and they were even more frightened.

The courage of the two of them is also very great.If ordinary people come to such a place, even beginner treadmill workouts for weight loss if they .

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are five week weight loss not shocked by the aura of the emperor, they will never dare to approach so rashly, let alone enter it.

Xianshu could not help being a little surprised after hearing it, but she immediately thought that she must have lost her memory, so she did not remember what happened a few years ago.

That i need a pill to curb my appetite day you went to Zangfeng Valley, but encountered obstacles The night was boundless, and the cold wind slowly blew through the valley.

Weiyang has not woken up yet, and the hibiscus flower has not been brought back, I can not die, I can not die here With cold sweat on his back, stinging the cracked skin, Xiao Chen finally woke up from the nightmare.

At this moment, he made a how to lose weight in ur face decisive decision, the Nine Layers Heavenly Sword Array could not resist this person for long, and it was difficult for him to recover in a short time, how to burn fat workout at home so at the moment, he could only invite the four who could not live in seclusion in Qingfeng Valley for more than 300 years.

I will be fine.At the end of the how to burn fat workout at home how to burn fat workout at home eat and fit weight loss reviews conversation, Xiao Chen looked at Madam Xianshu again, and continued Of course, the moon in two days is not enough.

Are you finally awake Meng Xian er is eyes were light.After she finished speaking, she retracted her palm, looked at him and said, You have such a heavy hatred in how to speed up weight loss on keto your heart, how can you transform your mind Thinking that just now, he almost fell into a demon, and Xiao how to burn fat workout at home Chen immediately broke into a cold sweat behind his back.

How how much water to drink when trying to lose weight is Weiyang The situation is Best over the counter diet pills for fast weight loss how to burn fat workout at home gradually improving.Shen Jing walked up slowly, looked at him quietly, suddenly put her hand on his sword holding hand, and said softly, Take a rest.

On the shadow, and finally let him attack.you are a scumbag, this time how to burn fat workout at home does not count, let is come again At that time, Yichen was young .

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  1. how much one should walk to lose weight:Hearing this, Xiao Chen and Qianyu Nishang is expressions also became serious.
  2. how to lose side belly fat:The shortest of the group of giants is also two meters five, and the front one is at least close to three meters.
  3. how to lose weight after total thyroidectomy:with blood all over his face, and now all three of them have disappeared. Master, what should I do now Xiaoqing and Yan er looked a little anxious.The elders of Xuandu Mountain were indeed arresting the three of them in the past few days, but in the past two days, things gradually subsided, and the elders did not continue to arrest people, plus Now that the master has come out, even if the three of them come back, they will not be punished, but there is no news today, and I do not know where they went.
  4. how to lose belly fat flat stomach:Although counted carefully, only a dozen or so stores are open, but they seem how to get weight loss in 1 week to be sparse and sparse.

and could not be angry Why am I so shameless You let me knock out all your swords, think about it, I just attacked you from behind, if it was a demon sect, you are still alive now.

All the people present were horrified, and the elders of various sects were even more so.

With a wave of his long sword, the cloth on the sword was still tightly taut, and he did not loosen it.

At this moment, the two saw each other is appearance, silent and peaceful. Yuhuaxuanji and others did not hesitate at all, and went out in a flash. Originally, Mr. Guiwu is spell was about to be destroyed.Perhaps no one thought that the darkness would dissipate so quickly that the two of them could see each other unprepared, but the next moment, Xiao Chen was the first to react, slapped the ground with a palm, the dust rolled, and between him and Qianyu Between the neon clothes, a boundary was drawn.

All factions were swallowed up by Wuyutian.Meng Xian er walked out slowly, and at this moment, everything that happened when she went to how to burn fat workout at home the Endless Mountain Range to search for the magic scriptures appeared in her mind again ten years ago.

The cold wind blowing down the mountain made the clothes of the two of them rattle.

At this moment, on the edge of the cliff outside the palace, I saw a figure standing how does honey help you lose weight there.

At this time, Xueyizi came up, as if he had already seen the result of this trip, and said, I have surrendered, I have surrendered, and .

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there will be no Xueyi sect in this world.

There are many hallucinations, and it is difficult to distinguish between reality and reality.

It how to burn fat workout at home turned out that the blood clothed Daoist in front of him was an extremely powerful figure in the devil is way more than 300 years ago.

Obviously, King Tianwu noticed that the ban on the secret hall was forcibly opened, and sent someone over.

Now, I thought it was so late, where did those two go With curiosity, she sneaked out of the cave, searched for breath sensing, and came to the top of a mountain stream, only to hear faint voices coming from inside the water curtain, although the sound of water here was quite loud, but She was born with a much sharper spiritual sense than ordinary people, and at this time, she could clearly hear that it was the two brothers Xu Taichang talking.

Xiao Chen looked at the pool of blood on the ground, did not do much, just a little on his feet, and went into Wuyutian.

Let is get rid of the backlash.Luo Yao er also how to burn fat workout at home saw what she was thinking at the moment, and smiled Is my sister thinking about that Young Master Xiao I forgot, there must be something wrong with the two of you coming here this how to burn fat workout at home time.

It turns out that there are three tokens in Wuyutian, of which the red is the Blood Rain Order.

The Tianyan sword qi in Shen Jing is body has been buried for two years, and now it can only be drawn out little by little.

Next, the real Xuanyang called her a junior sister.In the same way, in formal occasions, Lingyin also called Qingxuan Zhenren as the head brother, not the master.

Naturally, he could filtered apple cider vinegar weight loss not let the people of his sect suffer too https://www.dietdoctor.com/new-collaboration-with-aussie-coach-and-founder-of-fatforweightloss much how to burn fat workout at home loss.As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately turned into a black fog, moving far away.

Even his cultivation in the Middle Profound Realm felt terrified.That is why he left in a hurry yesterday and did not dare to come back all night.

After all, there are Xuanqingmen is righteous factions who are eyeing each other.

This is the case with Luo Qinghe, the second owner how to burn fat workout at home of the Luo Family Villa. Meng Xian er was no exception.Although her life span was not yet exhausted, she was not an ordinary person, and finally decided to take the risk and practice another practice.

Three or four hundred years.The red clothed old man is eyes were splitting, and he stared fiercely at the direction of the deep mountain where Xiao Chen disappeared.

At that time, how to burn fat workout at home Dr oz lose belly fat supplements he only thought that this person was forced by the right way, and how to burn fat workout at home he would definitely be the enemy of the right way.

Do you want to tell her about it Xiao Chen pondered for a moment, and finally decided to tell the story about the Demon Temple.

Standing in the cold stone hall, Yaoji only felt an how to burn fat workout at home indescribable cold, and the bad how to burn fat workout at home premonition in her heart was getting heavier and heavier.

At the how to burn fat workout at home end of the conversation, I saw him walking up slowly, took out a small thing from Cut belly fat pills how to burn fat workout at home his sleeve, and handed it to Xiao Chen.

His hands seemed to be firmly stuck to Xiao Chen, and he could not move, and his body suddenly could not move.

By then, he would naturally know everything.At this moment, in a dark stone hall in Guifengling, I saw a person sitting in the hall, holding a black stone in his hand, his face was smiling non stop.

must .

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get lost in it, and eventually end up how to burn fat workout at home with no bones left, so until now, the people of the right and the devil are still looking for a way to enter the depths of the jungle.

The people nearby were all attracted by the movement here, but they saw Xiao Chen flicked his hand and put the scarlet bracelet how to burn fat workout at home into his sleeve.

Seeing this, Hua Weiyang quickly flew forward, placing her hands on her chest, and a mellow spiritual power instantly dissipated, so that the crack was supported.

Xiao Chen was still holding her, and his body was already covered by ice crystals.

The air rushed into it.A few old men from the Taishi Dao sect behind him, as well as more than a dozen masters from the sect rushed up in an how to burn fat workout at home instant, Xiao Chen suddenly activated his how to burn fat workout at home whole body power, and manipulated life and death in an instant, and the terrifying power of life and death suddenly turned into a black fog.

Nearly 30 of the power, but at this moment in the hands of Qianyu Nishang, it can exert 120 of the power At this moment, the long sword slashed towards Xiao Chen with ruthless coldness, and at this moment, Xiao how to burn fat workout at home Chen also turned his luck, and in an instant, he exerted the control of life and death.

If there was no Yufengzhu, would not he immediately teach the two to catch it At this how to burn fat workout at home moment, she suddenly saw her hands form a seal, and then sacrificed a magic weapon, such a magic weapon, but a black feather coat, foods for weight loss vegetarian after wearing it on her body, she immediately disappeared.

Perhaps this is the worldly bondage that Master said back then.A person who cultivates immortals should cut off the fetters of the world, but he can not cut it off.

In the end, the purple clothed old man was the first to react, and rolled the corpse on the ground and moved away.

Dare to attack rashly. You want to raze me to the ground in one sentence. At this moment, a lukewarm female voice came from a distance.After hearing this ethereal how to burn fat workout at home voice, all the disciples of Dream Immortal Sect finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Naturally, many of them did not 15 day weight loss cleanse reviews know that the Lord of Wuyutian, who is now covering the sky with one hand in the Five Realms of Xianyuan, turned out to be ten The man from years ago.

After breaking the restriction outside the Shura Terrace, Xiao Chen flew towards Hua Weiyang without hesitation.

At that moment, she seemed to how to burn fat workout at home be calm, but how could she really be calm without any turbulence So at this moment, she failed to detect Feng Yin Zhenren is murderous intention in time, and when she opened her eyes, how to burn fat from hips and thighs it was already too late.

In order to avoid attracting attention, several hundred people were divided into a dozen groups and traveled separately.

At this moment, Cut belly fat pills how to burn fat workout at home in the vast how to burn fat workout at home snow field, Xiao Chen left rows of deep and shallow footprints behind him, but soon, these footprints were covered how to burn fat workout at home up by the wind and snow.

The consequences could be disastrous.Just when everyone was concentrating, a wellbutrin sr 100 mg weight loss man is sneering voice suddenly came from outside the ban, and everyone was shocked.

Su Ye did not say any more, and before returning to Fuxiqin, he said again Boy, although you have communicated with Digu Yuanshen, remember that the power of this sword must not be used lightly, every time you use it, it will be worn out.

The ancient martial arts practiced by .

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King Tianwu, condensing the spirit of Gangwu, can break the true essence of cultivators.

If you want to become a saint, how can you not forget your feelings best diet menu for fast weight loss You have too many entanglements in your heart, no wonder your practice is hindered.

Now, I thought, could it be that this little brother really found Xianshan on the sea and met the immortal Miaomiao For a time, many people gathered around and asked him how to burn fat workout at home what he had met at sea in the past three years, and if he had met immortals, Xiao Chen also smiled and said The sea is indeed a little unsettled, if you go out to fish to fish , remember not to go too far.

A master of the Ruins Heaven Realm is definitely not an ordinary person.When she said this, she turned her head again, looked at Xiao Chen and said I told you just now, many years ago, when no one knew about the Five Realms of Immortal Essence, Shen Cangming came to Wuwanghai and established a force.

looked over.The Horn of the Candle Dragon Many people below are startled, is it really the horn of the candle dragon how to burn fat workout at home These strange objects how to burn fat workout at home must have the power of the ancient candle dragon.

What they really care about is the whereabouts of Xiao Cangtian and the whereabouts of the fragments of how to burn fat workout at home the Book of Heaven.

There is also the Yijiao killed with the ghosts and others.In the end, he subdued the soul of the Yijiao, but it has not yet been refined in the primordial spirit, and he cannot summon it at will, so now, only Yun Tianzi is the only one.

Who can stop me At this moment, Xiao Chen is demonic how to lose weight lazy way energy became heavier, and Meng Xian er flew up again in an instant, and her two fingers condensed her true essence, and then pointed to the Tanzhong acupoint in the middle of his chest.

Ling Yin slowly came back to her senses, looking at the young Yichen at this time, her face gradually softened, she stroked the hair on his forehead, and said, Everyone can not choose his birth, but he has to leave in the future.

As dusk korean green tea for weight loss approached, the two buried how to burn fat workout at home the bodies of Qin Yan how to burn fat workout at home and Yun Wan, and then went to the Southern Immortal Alliance as indicated on the map.

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