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At this time, the people above felt inexplicably suffocated, and under this aura, the swords in their hands kept shaking.

In the past three days, the Scorpio Gate was in a how to lose weight with low calorie diet state of unease, all because that night three days ago, an order to kill was nailed to the doorpost outside without knowing it.

Finally, the real how to lose weight with low calorie diet person Feng Yin slowly how much weight can i lose walking on a treadmill opened his eyes, but he saw that although his eyes were old, they were as clear as a mirror at this time.

It is okay, Fellow why does green tea help weight loss Daoist Lingxuan is how long does it take to lose vacation weight sitting here, waiting for Liu to go out to see who is making trouble outside.

Who is more courageous All are big.While thinking about it, the two had come to the depths of the Hidden Cloud Sea, and sure enough, there was a mountain peak there, surrounded by countless floating islands, which looked mysterious and strange under the moonlight.

This son, please, please, please At the door of the restaurant, the guy saw Xiao Chen dressed in extraordinary clothes and quickly stepped forward to greet him warmly.

However, this time, like before, it was a very fast blow, and it was said that it was extremely difficult to dodge, but Xiao Chen did not know it.

opportunity is gone.Thunderbolt Zidian laughed Ngoc Anh Spa how to lose weight with low calorie diet and said fiercely Then let me take how to lose weight with low calorie diet it off now I how to lose weight with low calorie diet want to see if the aloof three point hall master is really so clean inside Hearing how to lose weight with low calorie diet his unreasonable request, Ji Wuyan was stunned, but after hesitating for a moment, the surrounding area began to vibrate violently again.

If 15 kg weight loss in 3 months she and Hua Weiyang died how to lose weight with low calorie diet in Liu Xuanyang is hands that time, then I am afraid Xiao Chen will be dead when he how to lose weight with low calorie diet comes back.

These mysterious soldiers, no matter how powerful, are extremely fierce things, and in the end they often only bring Destruction, at least at the moment, she thought so.

At this moment, his cultivation level suddenly increased countlessly, almost approaching the realm of the Ruins of Heaven The surrounding wind was blowing violently, and even the countless resentful reach a plateau in weight loss souls hiding in the depths of the ground were frightened and fled away at this moment.

About this, Meng Xian er is naturally very clear now.Although the power brought by the Ecstasy Bone Eating Art at the beginning is several times that of the Jade Girl Bing Xin Art, she still does not forget her teacher is order, and regards this as a forbidden art.

quickly return the sword army diet plan for weight loss soul, and then leave Hua Weiyang smiled lightly, without any intention how to lose weight with low calorie diet of returning the sword soul.

At this time, the devilish energy was rolling in, and the scene was terrifying.

How can they reach the real legendary realm in the future At this moment, Xiao Chen seemed to be enlightened, as if .

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he was returning to his originality, and entered a mysterious real self.

Suddenly, the entire sea of clouds in the vicinity swelled up, and the forbidden breath became heavier and heavier.

But right now, what the two of them should consider is not getting rid of Feng Wuyin, but how to get out, Meng Xian er looked towards the best weight loss pills you can buy at walmart back mountain and said, I will let Ling Mo lead people to the southeast to attract their attention.

I saw that in the dilapidated hall, Xiao Chen was originally connected with Di Gujian Yuanshen, but at this time, for some unknown reason, how to lose weight with low calorie diet Di Gujian trembled violently again, and his face at this time suddenly became pale.

As soon as these words came out, the surroundings fell into silence.At this time, on a mountain in the distance, there were several people from the Demon Sect hiding there.

After a while, Fuling said, You guys, what is the origin of that Taishi Daomen I have never heard of it before, but As soon as it came out, it was so shark weight loss supplement powerful.

But now, even this fragment was stolen by his two disciples, which made him very unhappy.

was severely injured, and flew backwards again.It was also at the same moment that the murderous intentions in the eyes of the elders were fully revealed, and the real energy in the body was transported to the limit, with a tendency to destroy the sky and the earth, and slapped the head of the Rakshasa heroine with a palm.

Sister, what is how to lose weight with low calorie diet wrong Mrs.Yizhi also came up immediately, looking at the flickering jade note, her brows furrowed deeply, Mrs.

How could he expect that there is an ice needle flying on the cliff direct sales weight loss products that indirectly kills him.

For three days, she also searched the entire ancient cave inside and out, only to turn around to find it, and finally determined that there is only this magic scripture here, and there is no other.

He closed the folding fan in his hand, stepped on the void, and flew to the ancient cave at the end of the deep valley.

It may not be able to completely deal with the gods. Seeing that the demons were shrouded in all directions, Mrs. Xianshu and the others could not leave. Hua Weiyang thought that Xiao Chen led the demon to leave yesterday.He said to the son of Shenque Master of Shenque, you are also a master of the generation.

Hearing this, Xianqing and Yizhi baked beans good for weight loss could wrapping for weight loss not help but feel angry, but they could not refute them.

On the other side, the Lu family elder fit form keto pills and Taishi Daomen looked at each other, and the three of them sneaked behind Xiao Chen again, and Ruoshui shouted, Big brother, behind No need for her to remind him, Xiao Chen also knew that the three people behind him were attacking.

The madman roared wildly, shaking the valley, and rushing up again in an instant, but at this moment, Xiao Chen is face seemed to be covered with layers of clouds, and it became cold and terrifying.

For them, there is not much threat, so best water weight loss pills gnc How to reduce weight fast in gym the Xuantian sword soul must be taken back.

Just when it how to lose weight with low calorie diet was quiet, suddenly, I saw countless figures appearing in all directions, as if they were masters of the Taishi Daomen ambushing nearby.

in this way The two walked for a while, and they Green tea belly fat pills best water weight loss pills gnc found a lot of corpses in the woods.

After they saw a large number of people of the right way, they tru supplements weight loss reviews hid how to lose weight with low calorie diet in the dark.

The .

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  • does drinking black tea help with weight loss.Wei He came in all the way, and at each table stood a 28 year old girl, dressed in a white dress, showing off her shoulders and showing her legs.
  • how to lose weight but remain thick.And although the two are both stone skins, there is still a gap in the strength of qi and blood.
  • two week weight loss keto.At this moment, Xiao Chen raised his hands, and a dead energy spread out from his body, and soon formed a hood, covering the three people inside, so as to isolate the strangeness of the three people.
  • mustard seeds benefits for weight loss.Touch as well.Qianyu Nishang turned around, looked at Xiao Menger, and suddenly said, Xiao Menger, let me ask you, if you die, would you like to wander in the world like this, or go to reincarnation Bah Xiao Meng er gave her a hard look Can you say something nice Xiao Chen looked at the wandering spirits of the gods and demons in the sky and said, I daily intake of sodium for weight loss understand what she means, these gods and demons have already died in those days, and after they die, they are like lights out, why are they so obsessed with this, they refuse to go to reincarnation, and they would rather be reincarnated.
  • yoga weight loss blog.The person in front of her took a stick of incense time.After one stick of incense, her vitality was drained, and I am afraid it would not be easy to escape.

girl kept waving her hands and wanted to explain. The old man in green beside him had a keen mind.He had long noticed that the girl is origin was unusual, but he just did not ask.

After the disciples were settled, Mrs. Xianshu called Hua Weiyang and Xiao Chen to a cave alone to tell the story.That time, Taishi Daomen suddenly attacked, and Lianhua Palace did suffer heavy casualties.

At this moment, the blood mist lingered around her body.Suddenly, she opened her eyes, her eyes turned as red as blood, her lips also became blood red, and the fingernails on her hands how to lose weight with low calorie diet and fingers also grew a lot.

It was obvious that the Son of God was attacking, and at this moment, Xiao Chen is eyes were cold and he no buy fat burner supplements online longer hesitated.

Jiang Nanliu is eyes narrowed, as if he recognized the person who how to lose weight with low calorie diet how to lose weight with banana stepped on the dark cloud.

The cultivation base of my fellow Daoist is far higher than mine, so you do not have to have the same knowledge as me, right The old man in the black robe looked indifferent How is my Taishi Dao sect It is not up to everyone here to comment, please.

In order to remove the poisonous fire from her body, Fairy Chen must have lost a lot of money, and it is extremely difficult to survive until now.

If you like to walk behind my back like this, you can go with you. Xiao Chen simply closed his eyes and stopped talking. Qianyu Nishang sighed softly. At this time, her face was still very pale. She used to heal Xiao Chen too much, but now she is rushing all the way. It will definitely make her suffer.At the moment, she sat quietly in the cave and slowly recovered her exercise.

Hearing him say this, Xiao Chen is expression did not how to lose weight with low calorie diet How to lose all belly fat in 2 months change, but his heart was slightly condensed.

Bi Xiao swordsmanship is Ling Yin is swordsmanship, and how to lose weight with low calorie diet Ling Yin has only Xiao Chen as a disciple, so at that time, how to lose fat from chest area everyone believed that Xiao Chen killed the person, .

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and even in the end, he was forced to leave Lianfengtai Jumping down, could it be that those people had nothing to do with him back then At this moment, everyone was shocked, and their attention was on Shen Cangming, but no one noticed that Xiao Chen is face had become even more terrifying.

Ugh I saw him holding his head in his hands, his shawl spreading out, and his expression looked extremely painful.

During the practice, he often has inner demons. No matter who it is, it is always difficult to avoid it.Otherwise, why would he kill three corpses It is just that a person with a high level of cultivation like Fengyin can naturally restrain his inner demons on weekdays.

After half a stick of incense, I saw the sunset in the sky.When Xiao Chen could not feel Meng Xian er is breath, he knew that she had left the country at this time.

Now, just wait for them to come up.Elder Mo Yi is eyes were cold, and when he spoke, a looming murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

Feng Wuyin glanced at him, and he had already thought how to lose weight with low calorie diet about it, so he went to the valley in front of him.

It will inevitably affect his cultivation, and it is difficult to use all his how to lose weight with low calorie diet strength at this time, so the sooner he can capture Xiao Chen, the better.

Even so, Xiao Chen was still vigilant and stepped forward slowly. At this moment, the son of Shenque suddenly let out a gloomy laugh of hehe.Xiao Chen is expression changed immediately You are not a goddess Hey Hey The man kept laughing, and how to lose weight with low calorie diet finally turned around slowly Xiao Yichen, you are indeed very capable, no one is your opponent, even the elders of the God Tower can not beat you, but in the end, you still can not think of it.

See how they are.Xiao Chen did not say much, thinking that he had killed the two spiritual practitioners of Taishi Daomen before, and how to lose weight with low calorie diet the people of Taishi Daomen would definitely not let him go.

Before, Xiao risked his life and passed through the layers of restrictions and hid in that place.

The two left the secluded valley and came to the top of Qingmu Cliff. Tonight is wind was extremely cold.Shen Jing looked around, but when she saw that the night was confused and the sky was how to lose weight with low calorie diet so big, she did not know where to go for a while.

Three days passed in this way, and on the seventh day, the restriction in front of the mountain was finally loosened, and the crack in the restriction seemed to be much wider than it was three days ago.

At this moment, both Bai Luan and Ziyuan is expressions became very solemn, brindleberry for weight loss Bai Luan said with concentration Before in Xiqi, the person we sent sent back news a few days ago that they have found Hantan.

I saw Tang Xinhai is eyes were blood red, and he smiled coldly Your sword is not sheathed, you have no chance Xiao Chen is eyes were indifferent.

Only then did Mingyue Valley Master react, for fear that the man was also peeping into the flower forest, and said with how to lose weight with low calorie diet a smile Palace Master, I heard that there is a flower exhibition how to lose weight with low calorie diet in Suzhou City recently, otherwise, when Zun Shang comes back how to lose weight with low calorie diet in the afternoon, How about we spend a few days in the mortal world below Hua how to lose weight with low calorie diet Weiyang smiled lightly Okay.

I do blood sugar meds that help with weight loss not know yet, the senior is surname is the name.The old beggar hiccupped, gave him a drunken look, and said, The name, anyway, few people remember it now, accelerate weight loss pills the old man is surname is Feng, two words, Mo Yao.

The two of them landed in a how to lose weight with low calorie diet valley, and the God Tower turned his back to him.

Just when everyone was horrified, they saw his inner strength shaken, and how much should i do cardio to lose weight a mysterious light centered on him, swaying out in a ring, and immediately sent the surrounding Zangfeng Valley disciples flying out, and even the palace buildings in the distance were almost shaken.

This is mangosteen good for weight loss person appears on Zixiao Peak without any scruples, which proves that he has The ability to retreat.

You and I may not be their opponents if you join forces, so we must not be strong.

If there is anything you need, how to lose weight with low calorie diet just tell me. In the dead of night, Xiao Chen finished taking care of everything.Shen Jing was here to foods that are filling for weight loss treat Weiyang, and there was no need to worry about the pursuit of Tianmen and various factions.

Three days later, when how to lose weight with low calorie diet the Scorpion Sect was destroyed, not only everyone in the Demon Dao was shocked, but also the sects of the Right Dao were deeply terrified.

Behind the water curtain, Xu Taichang and He Chongtian were also surprised.How could she be here Could it be that she listened to all the words they said before No luck this time The two of them flew up from behind the water curtain in an instant.

In one fell swoop, he entered the cave.But now, he knew in his how to lose weight with low calorie diet heart that this magic palace was banned, and he would not be able to enter anyway, and Xuanjizi himself had to rely on him for everything that followed.

It seems that I have returned to the terrible dream that I once had, dreaming that a person is hands were covered with blood, the people in the how to lose weight with low calorie diet ancient village were killed by that person, and the people in how many calories eat day lose weight Ning Village were also killed by that person, but when the person turned around, It looked .

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exactly like him.

Frostfall was cast by the third generation Valley Master, Hanlu was cast by the tenth generation Valley Master, and Gu Yu was cast by how to lose weight with low calorie diet the seventeenth and nineteenth generation Valley Masters more than 600 years ago.

It was an old man in a purple robe, and his power was soaring, causing the clouds how to lose weight with low calorie diet to dissipate in an instant.

yet peaceful.With the quietness of the sea, how to lose 10 pounds in 14 days the black hexagonal stone plate and the red blood jade in the middle slowly dimmed at this moment.

Generally, there is a petal mark between the eyebrows, which is very beautiful how to lose weight while standing and lovely.

Xiao Chen could not figure out what this person meant for a while, but he wanted to do as he wanted.

It was almost dark, and the four finally stabilized the formation.With this formation, Support here, in a short time, the ban on this magic mountain will not be restored.

She could not bear to be disturbed, so Xiao Chen went to a bamboo forest outside the courtyard.

Everyone feels a shudder. To say such a word is truly terrifying.The elder Moyi is eyes were is eating apples good for weight loss bloodshot, and he stared at Xiao Chen fiercely, but he could not say a word, Xiao Chen is eyes turned cold, and he pressed his sword down again I will ask you again, is it the service Disagree This time, the elder Mo Yi finally could not hold back a heart piercing scream.

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw that she had somehow How to reduce weight gain due to hormonal imbalance pinched a seal in best water weight loss pills gnc How to reduce weight fast in gym her hand, and a mysterious light flew out, followed by the clouds surging all over the sky, and then the entire Drunk Dream Immortal Forest disappeared into the mist.

At this moment, how to lose weight with low calorie diet it was able to resonate with Di Gu how to lose weight with low calorie diet Su Ye looked at him and said, Boy, have you figured it out Let this sword blend with your primordial spirit and let it recognize your master, and you can use the power how to lose weight with low calorie diet of this sword.

This life saving grace was true, and he did not want to owe anyone anything.

Although the ring of spiritual veins was not large, But the Eye of Hantan is sealed in it, which is something everyone wants to get.

At that moment, he talked about the Millennium Vermillion Fruit in the Land of Lei Ze.

After a while, he said If I have reached the realm of the cave and ruins, I will be able to remove the sword fiend here without any effort, but this time I come here.

So many gods and demons rushed up, almost instantly, the two of them would be corroded into a white bone, Meng Xian er is face changed immediately Xiao Gongzi The moment she turned her head, she saw the incredible scene that followed.

Of course, if he said that he would kill someone, he would not dare to give them ten courage.

The palm force instantly formed a purple palm print in the void.With a bang, he collided with Xiao Chen is palm force, and how to lose weight with low calorie diet the ground trembled violently.

Looking at it like this, I do not know when the rain will fall. I am afraid that people in a tavern will not be able to leave today.Until it was almost dark, everyone was already drunk, and suddenly clang , all the Everyone woke up with a start, but someone outside the door how to lose weight with low calorie diet was knocking the door.

Little girl, what do you know Open your best water weight loss pills gnc How to reduce weight fast in gym mouth and talk nonsense here At this time, an old woman leaning on a wooden stick walked are eggs healthy for weight loss out from the crowd, looked at Hua Weiyang coldly and said, More than 30 how to lose leg fat for men years ago, Xiao garcinia weight loss pill walmart Cangtian killed my senior brother and junior brother.

This continued for a long time. The cracks continued to spread, but the barrier never collapsed. As long as the barrier does not collapse, everyone how to lose weight with low calorie diet cannot enter it.At this moment, everyone is holding their breath, and many people are ready.

Slowly, Xiao Chen came to the edge of a cliff at the mouth of a valley, quietly crouched on the ground, and looked at the magic temple below.

This is not an ordinary camel team.The people in it are all martial arts practitioners who are not low in martial arts.

Boom , the countless people who rushed up were shocked and vomited blood and flew back how to lose weight with low calorie diet in an instant.

The sword came quickly and quickly, but the man did not avoid it at all.In the end, the tip of the sword stopped in front of his throat, and the body of the sword was still in the air.

This old man was the cold son of Qinghong Sect. how does mct oil make you lose weight Qinghong Sect and Xuanqing Sect had always been on good terms.On Ruo Shui is sixteenth birthday, Qinghong Sect had also been visited, so both parties knew each other.

At this time tomorrow, people from all the forces in Wuwanghai will come to the palace to offer spirit stone treasures, and we can Take the opportunity to sneak in.

Want to go best water weight loss pills gnc How to reduce weight fast in gym in and see Hua Weiyang looked at the ancient temple and said with a frown.

As the dust rolled, he saw nearly a hundred people vomit blood and fly down.

At this moment, the red clothed old man was the elder of the Lu family, and his identity was so high that it was far from comparable to the how to lose weight with low calorie diet elders of the Five Elements School at that time.

How could the elder Tsing how dancing helps you lose weight Yi imagine that the other party would have such a bizarre technique.

Now this profound art seems to have encountered a bottleneck. No matter how he cultivates, how to lose weight with low calorie diet .

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it is still difficult to break through.At this moment, Xiao Chen thought about it carefully, maybe that was how to lose weight with low calorie diet how to eat less calories to lose weight the case back then.

Meng Xian er is expression was startled.Even how to lose weight with low calorie diet though it had been many years, she still remembered clearly the elder who turned into a god by breaking through the entrance, but failed in the end.

Meng Xian er raised her head and her how many miles should i walk to lose weight calculator body trembled slightly.At this moment, it seemed that she had returned to the past, back when she was in the best water weight loss pills gnc Dream Immortal Sect.

Until night fell, the two of them did not know how far how to lose weight with low calorie diet they had walked, and it was not advisable to continue their journey at night, so they found a forest, rested for a night, and continued their journey in the morning.

With a loud shout, the two magic weapons flew out and roared at the twenty four Yeying people.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, before he could explain what happened before, he asked, Are Madam Xianshu how to lose weight with low calorie diet and Weiyang here The How to reduce weight in 1 day how to lose weight with low calorie diet two disciples looked at each other, and the one on can you take keto pills with thyroid medication the left said, Madam is in What pills help you lose weight quickly how to lose weight with low calorie diet the palace, the palace master has how much weight should i lose in a cut been unwell for the past few days and is resting in the bedroom.

At this moment, he suddenly appeared how to lose weight with low calorie diet outside, and with such a strange sneer on his face, Ji Wuyan and others were all shocked, it seemed that it was what Xiao Chen said before, this person actually colluded with the Xianmeng Since the Clan Master of Perak is fine, why did not you meet me earlier Ghost Daoist was not surprised when he encountered it, and while talking to Thunderbolt Zidian, he still calmly held the formation.

The girl was holding her hands and listening to the seven people with great interest.

There was something different about that small village being destroyed, but why was it never mentioned At this time, many people looked at Feng Xuanzhi again.

Obviously, even if Hua Weiyang used the power of the You Clan at this time, she was injured after all.

Luodie was even more surprised.Xiao Chen nodded slightly and said, That person is a blood drinking real person.

It was difficult to stop Xiao Chen is sword group, which consisted of hundreds of swords.

As soon as these words came out, they immediately attracted everyone is words What do you know, a demon girl From my point of view, you demon heretics how to lose weight with low calorie diet have how to lose weight with low calorie diet worked hard to find the book of that day, if the ancient scroll of that day falls into the hands of you people of the demon way.

Perhaps it was because of Weiyang that the two of them were not as unfamiliar as others.

At this moment, just two glances made the two of them feel like falling into an abyss, panicking.

The expression on Ling Yin is face remained the same. In fact, from the moment Xiao Chen went up the mountain, she already knew.Go to the back Ling Yin stretched out his hand to send Xiao Chen back, how to lose weight with low calorie diet and immediately formed a seal between his hands, and an ancient sword with green radiance suddenly appeared between the two palms, how to lose weight with low calorie diet but seeing that the sword is body was extraordinary, showing colonic weight loss reviews a very strong sword energy, This sword is the ancient sword Chongxiao , which was the sword of her fame back then.

As he spoke, he was about to pass through.The old beggar flickered and blocked his way again, holding the wine gourd in his hand, and said drunkenly No hurry, no hurry, Qingzhou is far away, but with the ability of today is little friend, it is not a problem to ride the clouds and fog, at most three or two days.

At the end of the sentence, she turned back and looked at him and said Could it be that Young Master Xiao is not curious about these ancient things do not you want to know the ancient secrets buried under this magic mountain Xiao Chen frowned deeply and remained silent.

Xiao Chen is eyes were light, and his hands were still behind him.At this moment, he was even more certain that the map scroll was definitely not just a map of the Sea of Wizards.

When he saw him at this time, a few people from the Thirty Six Sect immediately knew that it was not appropriate to fight again, and a middle aged man in black said Brother, go The old man in Tsing Yi no longer hesitated, and the seven immediately used the escape technique, turning into seven black mists and heading towards the Xiqi Mountains.

Haha Xiao Chen raised his head and smiled, pointing his sword at her What is sinking, why is it impossible to extricate oneself Today best liquid weight loss supplement I will do my own way, what do I do with the sky What do I do with people At the end of the sentence, a fierce sword energy rushed out, in the air Immediately, the demons sank Qianyu Nishang made a seal on her hands, average weight loss per month and a mysterious light flew out.

But luckily it was just a skin injury.At how to lose weight with low calorie diet this moment, Xiao Chen is anger in his heart became heavier, and suddenly a pain occurred in his head, and it seemed as if the scene of the Xuanqing trial was in front of him again.

The seal in Xiao Chen is hand changes again.A hundred zhang demon killing is bay leaf water good for weight loss sword energy is born out of thin air, and it is slashed with one sword.

Although the Taishi Daomen has become famous in the Five Realms of Immortal Yuan over the years, there .

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are many people from various sects today, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

These were What pills help you lose weight quickly how to lose weight with low calorie diet all the gods, gods, and gods of the previous era.He slowly began to recall the words that the twelve fingered inner demon said in the inner demon forbidden area.

If she never woke up again, what would happen to Xiao Chen.The night passed silently, and on the second day, Xiao Chen went to the abyss canyon and began to practice the Three Talented Swords.

Xia how to lose weight with low calorie diet Guyun looked startled, flew up in an instant, caught Fuling from mid air, and tapped the acupoints on her body with both hands to ease her injury.

There is also the saying of transcendental sanctification.Meng Xian er continued In the past 10,000 years, there are how many net carbs to lose weight calculator no more than ten people who have become saints in the ancient land of Xianyuan.

Now, almost no one from each faction can come in to support.Without the power of these people to come in to disrupt the spiritual veins, it would be better for how to lose weight with low calorie diet Xiao Chen to get the eye of Hantan.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said lightly Then you guys talk about it, what kind of evil Xiao has done, and everyone should punish him.

Even if he already knows the identity of the other party at this time, he still cannot change his words for a while.

Ling Yin slowly came back to her senses, looking at the young Yichen at this time, her face gradually softened, she stroked the hair on his forehead, and said, Everyone can not choose his birth, but he has to leave in the future.

At this moment, she remembered the words of the master when she taught her the complete mind method of the Jade Girl Xuanji Gong Xian er, you must remember that if anything has a good point, there must be a short point.

Fastest, nothing at this time.Even if I dig three feet into the ground and turn this area upside down for me, I will find those two At this moment, I saw Shenquezi is expression with a terrifying expression, as if he wanted to swallow Xiao Chen and Meng Xian er alive.

This mysterious light was not created by them, but it reflected the surrounding area like daylight.

At this moment, hundreds of people how to lose weight with low calorie diet came to fight for it.When the old man in Tsing how to lose weight with low calorie diet Yi was about to flee, a palm print suddenly appeared in the sky If fellow Daoist wants to leave, leave the Flowing Fire Orb behind This palm force came very urgently, and the old man in cyan cloth was caught off guard, and hurriedly raised his hands to resist, but with a bang , he was shocked by this palm force and stepped back.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly, and said no more, immediately set off with her, and went to the Baihua Valley where the Lianhua Palace was located before.

The Three Corpse Demons, the entire Xuanqing Sect does not know about this matter, best water weight loss pills gnc because once people know that there are Three Corpse Demons in my body, this world can not tolerate me at all, right Where did you hear these words Ling Yin is face was as calm as water, this time, there was finally a change, Xiao Chen only felt a little bitter in his heart, it turned how to lose weight with low calorie diet out that everything was really like this, but she would never say it, Master.

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